HST380.15 Early Modern History II: 17th Century (at UAM)

Open only to students accepted to the special program Madrid Center & Liberal Arts in Spanish at UAM

Taught in Spanish. Topics:

  1. Introduction: Europe during the 1600s between the Reformation and the Enlightenment.
  2. Between peace and war, 1595 – 1618
  3. The Thirty Years’ War: “Teutonic War,” European War, the Scandinavian powers
  4. Crisis in the Spanish Monarchy
  5. Civil war and war between kingdoms: From the Republic to the Restoration.
  6. Economic transformations and differential crisis
  7. The culture of the Baroque
  8. Absolutism in action
  9. French hegemony and European equilibrium
  10. Crisis of the European conscience: Towards the Enlightenment.

(19014, Historia Moderna II, Siglo XVII)

Department: History

Locations: Liberal Arts at UAM, Madrid

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3