MAG400.1 Travel Writing and New Media (Fall, Spring) NOT OFFERED SPRING 2021

Travel journalism is a means of deepening understanding by viewers and readers of an unfamiliar world. In this course, the student will learn to study people, history, culture, geography, nature, politics, architecture, food, sports and sociological phenomenon to create insightful articles and images. Students will learn the tools a travel journalist needs to capture the unique sense of place, including research and reporting techniques, journalism dos and don’ts, dialogue and interviewing tips. Students will be required to engage with their new environments and look for unique, revealing details, and learn to exploit the value of the unexpected encounter. In addition, work by some of the best travel journalists will be read and discussed to better understand how travel ideas are developed, honed and crafted. Students will produce multimedia travel pieces, keep travel journals, share their work in class and post the finished work on the web. Meets with TRF 400.1.

Department: Magazine, News and Digital Journalism

Location: Madrid

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3