PSC380.2 Politics of Globalization and Human Rights (Spring)

Limited enrollment. Taught in English by the University of Florence on the Syracuse Florence campus; open to both Syracuse University program and University of Florence students. 

This course examines economic, legal, political and cultural processes related to globalization. Topics to be studied include the definitions and interpretations of the socio-political phenomena of globalization; erosion, conservation and change in the functions of national states and in the role of law, including international law and human rights law; changes in warfare: from the system of Westphalia to the “global war”; global migration; globalization and social control: “prison globalization” and “global surveillance”; globalization and gender.

This course follow the Syracuse Florence Center calendar and is taught on our campus. 

Restriction: SU students may not earn credit for both this course and PSC 388.

Department: Political Science

Location: Florence

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3