QSX300.1 Business of Nightlife: London Subcultures (Fall, Spring)

This course attends to London’s thriving nightlife industries. The dual profit of club culture—allowing collective identities to flourish and cash economies to support vast networks—is rarely interrogated. Far from being marginal to the city’s identity, the businesses, clubs, and networks that thrive “after hours” help define London and the identities of those who work and participate in them. Nightlife also contributes substantially to the city’s economic activity, both as regulated businesses and through multiple economies of exchange. This course combines sociological concepts with business studies to examine the business of nighttime leisure. In addition to ethnographic observation and site analysis, students devise a club night event and business plan that considers local markets, public policies and regulations, and the nuanced subcultural politics of particular scenes.

This course may also be registered as SOC 200.1.

Restriction: In some semesters, not open to students in another course with a SOC cross-listing except for sociology majors by request (check academic update for any restriction for current semester). These courses include SOC 367, SOC/QSX/WGS 400.1, and SOC 412.

Department: LGBTQ

Location: London

Credits: 3