QSX400.1 Sex, Gender and the City (Fall, Spring)

This course offers students a critical overview of the contested terms “sex”, “gender” and “sexuality” through the framework of the City. This course will explore some of the ways in which cities and the inhabitants have been historically sexed, gendered, and sexualized. Traversing “the private” and “the public,” the temporal and spatial, and the individual and the social, this course will explore the centrality of these themes in London and British history. Meets with SOC/WGS 400.1.

Restriction: In some semesters, not open to students in another course with a SOC cross-listing except for sociology majors by request (check academic update for any restriction for current semester). These courses include SOC 200.1/QSX 300.1, SOC 367, and SOC 412.

Department: LGBTQ

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3