Spring 2022 Florence Program Details

Searles in Florence
K. Searles, Florence

Get ready for your semester in Florence!

Your spring 2022 semester abroad will be filled with enriching coursework and stimulating cultural activities, engaging teachers, strong student support, exciting educational field trips within Italy, and a myriad of opportunities to challenge yourself in ways you can’t yet imagine. See below for up-to-date program details.

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Program Dates

Syracuse Abroad Virtual Take-Off

  • January 10 – January 25: Pre-Arrival Program
    • Orientation begins online (1/10-1/12) and will continue after arrival in Florence
    • All academic courses begin online on January 12. Get a jumpstart!  Meet your classmates and professors and review syllabi plus foundational material for each course before travel to Florence

Welcome to Florence: In-Person Program Dates

  • Arrival in Florence: January 27
  • Orientation: January 27-28
  • Classes begin: January 31
  • Mid-semester break: March 3 – 7
  • Program end date: April 14
  • Optional Signature Seminar: April 14 – 24 (students depart program April 25)

Program Highlights

  • Travelling seminar: An optional 3-credit Signature Seminar Culinary Crossings will be offered at the end of the semester, April 14 – April 25.  Additional program fee will apply. Please note: Additional Signature Seminar offerings will not be offered in spring 2022.
  • Program Travel: Italy Dive!
    • Discover Italy like no tourist can through faculty and staff led themed trips based on your interests: #culturalheritage, #inclusivity&diversity, #foodie, #nature, #wellbeing and more!
    • Once in Florence, ‘Dive into Italy’ by signing up for trips to unique destinations, classic must-see places or hidden treasures that are off the beaten path – with costs covered by your program fee. These experiential learning trips will perfectly complement your semester in Florence and give you the opportunity to pick your destinations based on experiences you’d like to try (cheese or olive oil testing, for instance). Locations include Roma, Pitigliano, Pisa, Orvieto, Bologna, Ravenna and many more!  
    • Overnight trip destinations range from the Alps of Trentino to Naples and the Amalfi coast, including a stay in a monastery in the Tuscan countryside.
  • Program activities: Immerse yourself in Florentine culture by exploring the city and visiting museums, local markets or workshops. Enjoy extracurricular activities at the Center including cooking classes, tastings, lecture series and more.
  • Housing: Spring 2022 housing options are still being determined and will be communicated to students once they are confirmed.
  • The Syracuse Florence Internship Program: Virtual, in-person, and hybrid opportunities can be arranged
  • Course Availability: A wide variety of courses across the disciplines are available to students allowing you to take a full-time course load.  Due to the condensed nature of the semester, students are strongly advised to plan for no more than 17 credits during the regular semester. Taking the post-semester optional Signature Seminar is a great way to earn up to 19 credits.

Program Requirements

  • Independent Travel: Due to international health and safety regulations, students must limit their independent travel to within Italy.  The Syracuse Florence staff will give their expert travel advice on both well-known destinations and hidden gems within the country. We are hopeful that conditions will improve enough to allow for fewer travel restrictions by the start of the spring 2022 semester.
  • Visas: The duration of the program, inclusive of the optional Signature Seminar, will be under 90 days, therefore, U.S. citizens will not be required to obtain a student visa.  Students without a visa will need to depart from Italy no later than April 25, 2022.
  • All international students requiring a student visa will work closely with our Florence visa coordinator.
  • Fees: The program fee has not yet been determined but is projected to be similar to the fall 2021 semester due to the shorter duration of the program.

Questions about Covid-19 procedures or health and safety abroad?

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