Research Projects

BUA/GEO/HST/IRP/LIT/PSC/REL 490 (3 credits)

Representative Research Projects

During Module C, Syracuse Hong Kong students may pursue an independent research project in their desired field under the direction of a Syracuse Hong Kong faculty member. These projects may involve field study in Hong Kong, mainland China, or elsewhere in the region. Students who choose not to do a research project may be able to participate in an internship.

The Syracuse Hong Kong faculty member and academic coordinator will review your proposal and provide support and academic guidance as you develop your project.

  1. Students opting for Independent Study (guided research) in Module C MUST register under one of the below rubrics for 3 credits.
  2. Students pursue guided research or an independent study project during Module C. The project should be approved in advance by the student’s home campus academic adviser.
  3. A faculty member in Hong Kong in the appropriate discipline of study will supervise the project and assign a grade upon completion of the project.
  4. Evaluation is typically based on a 8000+ word paper, though assignments may vary depending upon the specific research topic.
Syracuse Hong Kong Faculty Advisors Available for Research Supervision
BUA 490 Finance-related: Prof. Edward Wong
BUA 490 Entrepreneurship/Marketing/Human Resource Management-related: Dr. Margaret Chui
GEO/LIT/PSC/REL 490 Urban Studies/Geography, Film,  Political Science, Religion: Dr. Kit Lam
HST 490 History: Dr. Joffre Chan
HST/IRP/PSC 490 History, International Relations, Political Science: Dr. James Sung
IRP/PSC 490 International Relations, Political Science: Dr. Patrick Chan


Duty of Faculty Advisor

  1. To deliver necessary lectures, a basic reading list, and a reference reading list on your field of study
  2. To suggest possible research resources, e.g., organizations or individuals to interview
  3. To meet and supervise the student (not less than four times during the guiding period, i.e., lecture, discussion on study outline, revise draft essay, finalize the essay)
  4. To help in obtaining approval for an independent study project in advance by submitting a Proposal for Independent Study Course to Syracuse Abroad. Proposal forms are available at Syracuse Hong Kong and should include the following:
    • Title and Objective of the Project
    • Procedure of Study/Nature of Experience
    • Nature of Contact with faculty advisor
    • Criteria for Accessing Student Performance

Duty of Student

  1. To complete the independent study proposal under supervision of the faculty advisor
  2. To complete any other academic requirements in relation to the independent study as requested by faculty advisor
  3. To meet the deadlines given in Hong Kong for submission of proposal and final paper