Spring 2022 London Program Details

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C. Ryan, London

Get ready for your semester in London!

Your spring 2022 semester abroad will be filled with enriching coursework and stimulating cultural activities, engaging teachers, strong student support, exciting educational field trips throughout the UK, and a myriad of opportunities to challenge yourself in ways you can’t yet imagine. See below for up-to-date program details.

Program Dates

Syracuse Abroad Virtual Take-Off 

  • January 25 – February 8. Required pre-departure online course work — go at your own pace as long as you meet assignment deadlines. 
    • CAS200 – Mapping London, the one-credit course required of all London-bound students, opens online. Ten (10) one-hour sessions are required to complete before arriving in London.
    • All London Center classes begin online with required, introductory, asynchronous sessions. Chat with your classmates and professors and immerse yourself in your chosen classes before travelling to London.

Welcome to London: In-Person Program Dates

  • Optional Signature Seminars: 
    • February 1 – 10
  • Students arrive in London: 
    • February 10
    • February 1 (optional Signature Seminar participants)
  • Orientation: February 10 – 13
  • Classes begin: February 14
  • Mid-semester study breaks 
    • March 16 – 18
    • April 18 – 19
  • Program end date: May 7

Program Highlights

  • Travelling seminars: Two optional 3-credit traveling Signature Seminars, Sustainability on Trial (Scandinavia) and Borders in Flux (Ireland/Northern Ireland), will be offered February 1-10 before the full London semester begins.  Additional program fee will apply. 
  • Program Travel: The London Center staff are planning regular visits, day trips and weekend overnight trips in London and to other parts of the UK. These trips are open to all students. Staff-led, all-school weekend trips during both study breaks travel to Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Cardiff, with local field trips and day trips organized most weekends.
  • Program Activities & Engagement Opportunities:
    • Make sense of a changing world: Debate global issues with your classmates and dedicated professors in a wide range of courses
    • Your Passport, Your Story: Capture your experiences through the London Passport Program and document your semester travels to become a ‘London Local’
    • Become World Ready, Career Ready with professional development courses, internship opportunities and site visits in your classes
  • HousingStudents will live in flats located in the city center and within a 30-minute commute, either walking or on public transport, to the Syracuse London Center.
  • The Syracuse London Internship Program will offer you rich, hands-on learning opportunities. Instructions about how to sign up will be emailed to you separately.
  • Course Availability: A wide variety of courses across majors and departments are available to students, allowing you to take a full-time course load.  Several new courses have also been added to London – be sure to check your upcoming program packet to learn more. Taking either an optional pre-semester online course or an optional Signature Seminar is a great way to earn up to 19 credits.

Program Requirements

  • Independent Travel: Because of international health and safety regulations, students must limit any independent travel to the domestic UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland). The Syracuse London staff will share their expert advice on both well-known destinations and hidden gems. We are hopeful that conditions will improve enough to allow for fewer travel restrictions by the start of the spring 2022 semester. 
  • Visas: Non-U.S. citizens and students participating in the internship program will need to obtain a student visa. Syracuse Abroad will provide detailed instructions and work closely with students during this process.
  • Fees: Due to the shorter duration of the program, the program fee has been reduced from $8,000 to $6,700.

Questions about Covid-19 procedures or health and safety abroad?

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