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World Partner and Non-Syracuse-Affiliated Programs

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Syracuse University students earn Syracuse credit while studying abroad in three ways:

[1] through Syracuse Abroad’s overseas centers and faculty-led, summer, and featured programming; [2] through Syracuse Abroad’s World Partner roster of affiliated programs, ranging from large universities to intensive field study experiences; [3] and through a ‘special case’ petitioning process, whereby the students petition their academic department and the Associate Provost for International Education and Engagement for permission to study at a non-affiliated program, based on a strong academic rationale (see Special Petitions). In all three ways, students pay Syracuse University tuition, receive Syracuse University financial aid, and earn Syracuse University credit, which is calculated into their GPA. Note: #2 and #3 refer only to the academic year, not summer.


[1] Can I take a leave of absence during the academic year to study abroad and then transfer these credits back to Syracuse University?

No, these credits will not be accepted in the absence of the special case petition referenced above.

[2] What happens if the tuition for a World Partner or a special petition program is more or less than Syracuse University tuition?

In both cases Syracuse Abroad pays the tuition. Students do not have to pay the differential if the tuition for the World Partner or special petition program is higher than Syracuse University tuition. Nor do students receive a refund if the tuition for the World Partner or special petition program is lower than Syracuse University tuition.

Syracuse University is committed to making study abroad a more integral and viable educational opportunity for all students. For study abroad to be equally accessible for all students, the University must be able to provide financial aid to students who require this aid when they study abroad, and the University relies on tuition revenue as a source for this financial aid. There are also costs to maintaining a study abroad office and staff as well costs associated with vetting and reviewing programs to be sure they fulfill our academic and student safety standards.

In addition, academic credits and grades earned on a semester abroad program are treated as Syracuse University credits and grades (not transfer credits). These courses, grades, and credits are reviewed, approved, and posted to the students’ academic transcript. That is, Syracuse University charges Syracuse University tuition because it is awarding Syracuse University credit.

[3] What about non-tuition costs for World Partner or special petition programs?

These non-tuition or program fees may include, but are not limited to, housing, health insurance, and orientation. For some programs, students pay these costs, and often a non-refundable deposit, directly to the program. In other cases, students pay these costs to Syracuse Abroad, which then pays the program on the students’ behalf.

Students are responsible for paying all other expenses out-of-pocket. These expenses may include, but are not limited to, round-trip airfare, passport and/or visa fees, required immunizations (if applicable), textbooks, independent travel, and daily living expenses (e.g., meals).

[4] How will my financial aid apply to study abroad?

In all three ways (above), students with financial aid who are approved to participate in study abroad will have their financial aid package reviewed by the Financial Aid Office for the semester or year they will be abroad. The total aid amount may be adjusted, higher or lower, based on the total cost of attendance.

[5] What about summer study abroad?

The Home School Tuition policy does not apply for summer study abroad that students pursue through programs not affiliated with Syracuse Abroad. Credit earned this way is considered transfer credit.

Please refer to Summer Programs to see what options are available.

[6] Will my financial aid apply to Syracuse Abroad Short-term faculty led programs?

Financial aid is very limited for these programs. Please refer to Short-term programs to see what options are available.

[7] Are scholarships available for study abroad through World Partners?

Yes, scholarships are available from a variety of sources. Please refer to the Grants and Aid section for more information.