English and Textual Studies

Santa Croce Bloggers’ Project

The Santa Croce Bloggers Project is an opportunity for students to get to know the Church of Santa Croce with its wealth of art, history and religion closely intertwined with the city of Florence. Each intern will be expected to write blogs on topics such as: things not to miss in Santa Croce; interviews with friars, restorers, scholars and visitors; or Santa Croce through the eyes of artists throughout the centuries.

Language requisite: English, basic Italian.

The Florence Newspaper

Florence Newspaper is an online journal featuring articles on various aspects of Florentine culture and business life. This online newspaper offers students the opportunity to do an internship for a semester in the areas of written and photo journalism, to work with Italian printing and press offices, and to interact professionally with the local community and culture.

Language requisites: Intermediate to advanced Italian.

The Florentine (Bi-monthly newspaper)

The Florentine is a bi-weekly English-language newspaper published in Florence. It aims to help English-speaking visitors become better acquainted with the city of Florence and its surrounding communities. It reports on local and national Italian news and publishes an extensive list of current events in and around Florence. The intern writes articles of general interest for English-speaking residents and visitors to Florence.

Language requisites: None.