Laboratorio Immagine Donna

The Laboratorio Immagine Donna has been actively focusing on women and Italian cinema for the past fifteen years. It organizes film festivals, lectures and screenings of films by female directors, and films that address women & gender issues. The intern assists with the organization of events promoted by the association.

Language requisites: Intermediate to advanced Italian.

Mediateca Regionale Toscana

Mediateca Regionale Toscana is an audiovisual communications center which houses approx. 11,000 films and a collection of over 8,000 books on film and cinematography in Tuscany. The library is used by critics, students and film buffs alike. In addition to producing audiovisual materials, the library promotes educational and cultural events related to film and cinema in the region of Tuscany. One or two interns each semester will assist staff with organizing upcoming festivals and events and may also be asked to help with digital cataloguing, organizing archives and translating from Italian into English for the Mediateca’s website. Preference will be given to students who can dedicate at least an entire morning or afternoon a week and/or an occasional Friday.

Language requisites: Intermediate to advanced Italian.