Nutrition and Hospitality Management

Chalet Fontana, Restaurant and Organic Vegetable Garden

The Chalet Fontana was created as a literary café in 1896 along the Viale Galileo Galilei, above Piazzale Michelangelo. Its restaurant now prepares dishes with produce sourced from its organic and synergetic vegetable garden cultivated in raised beds following the principles of permaculture. Produce is also sold weekly on site to the public. The intern will assist the garden’s manager, learn extensively about urban gardening and permaculture, and participate in the marketing of produce and the organizing of didactic activities. The schedule will be determined with the manager. The intern must be ready to take a 25-minute bus ride to reach the location.

De Gustibus

The De Gustibus association was created to develop sustainable wine and food tourism projects, supporting small agricultural farmers, safeguarding and protecting the environment with thematic itineraries including bicycle, horse, and automobile excursions and by promoting traditional Italian agriculture. The student must be available to work two afternoons a week from 3:00-7:00 pm or mornings from 9:30-1:30.
Recommended for students of Hospitality Management.
Language requisites: Intermediate to advanced Italian.

Enoteca Alessi

Enoteca Alessi is one of the oldest wine shops in Florence located in the heart of the city. The intern will participate in organizing wine tastings and will acquire firsthand knowledge about Italian wines.
Language requisites: Basic Italian.

Orti Dipinti, Community Garden

Orti Dipinti (literally Painted Gardens) was created by architect and guerrilla gardener Giacomo Salizzoni in 2013 in Borgo Pinti. The first community garden in Florence, it practices organic urban horticulture and offers didactic experiences that make use of a vast array of aromatic plants. It focuses on reusing, recycling, and the implementation of innovative sustainable solutions to urban life and food production. Orti Dipinti reaches out to various individuals through Florence who make up an active community. The intern will benefit directly from Giacomo’s experience in food activism and systems’ management and assist him in daily maintenance tasks, activities, and improvements. The schedule will be determined with Giacomo.


Tuscany and Wine

Tuscany and Wine is an organization focused on promoting wine in Tuscany. It schedules regular wine tastings providing visitors with information on the history of wine in central Italy and recommending key areas to visit. The intern will assist the company’s owner in organizing tours and wine tastings.

Vestri Cioccolato

Vestri Cioccolato is a family owned and run producer of quality chocolate products with branches in Florence and Arezzo. The intern assists with the complete production process, including the preparation of gelato products using only natural ingredients. The internship familiarizes students with the cultivation and processing of cocoa beans, as well as with the value of chocolate in Italy’s gastronomic culture.
Language Requisite: Intermediate Italian.