Baret Magarian

Ph.D., University of Durham


Baret Magarian currently runs the Writing Centre at Syracuse and is available for one-on-one consultation with students who need help with the structure and style of their writing. He obtained his BA in English literature at the University of London and his PhD on Shelley at the University of Durham, parts of which were published in the Keats-Shelley Review. He was a freelance journalist in London and reviewed and wrote features for The Times, The Observer, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, and The Independent. He has recently had poetry published in Italian translation in the Florentine anthology Collectivo R. He has also had fiction published in Panurge magazine in the Uk, and he has recorded an EP of rock. In addition to teaching academic and creative writing at American universities in Florence, Magarian has acted in Italian film trailers and directed fringe theatre in London. He has just completed a collection of 14 short stories which draw on genres as diverse as melodrama, science fiction, the Gothic novel, poetic dreamscape, noir and social satire. Two of these stories will appear later in the year in the Darker Times anthology.