Department of Industrial Engineering (DIEF), University of Florence

The Mechatronics and Dynamic Modelling Laboratory (MDM Lab) belongs to the Department of Industrial Engineering DIEF, University of Florence. The main research topics focus on mechatronics, real-time simulation of dynamical systems, railway engineering, rotor dynamics and robotics (mainly underwater robotics).

Language requisites: None.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (DICEA) of the University of Florence

DICEA coordinates theoretical, applied and experimental research in several branches of civil engineering. It hosts 11 labs among which a laboratory for structures and materials, a boundary layer wind tunnel, and a laboratory of see and coastal engineering.

Language requisites: None.

GPA Architecture Engineering & Project Management

GPA has more than twenty-five years’ experience in the design of complex steel and reinforced concrete structures working on highly specialized large-scale infrastructure, retail, residential and health care projects. Working in sensitive areas of major infrastructures, ecology and technology, Design and Construction Supervision of public works, in the integrated design of housing, commercial and social developments and in master planning.

Language requisites: None.