Fall 2022 Lecture Series

Lecture Series

Unless otherwise noted, all lectures are held in Rm. 13 of the Villa Rossa. Start time: 6:45 pm. End time: by 8:00pm.

Tuesday, September 27
A conversation with Casey Kauffman about his movie Californie.

Casey Kauffman graduated from Stanford University in 2000 with a degree in political science, and in 2006 he joined Al-Jazeera English – the first English-language news channel headquartered in the Middle East -as a reporter and cameraman, travelling to troubled locations throughout the world. After leaving Al-Jazeera, he started a new activity as screenplayer and film director. His movie Californie – co-directed with Alessandro Cassigoli – has been screened at some of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

Tuesday, October 11
A conversation with Dan Saladino

Dan Saladino is a renowned food journalist who has worked at the BBC for twenty-five years. His most famous radio program is The Food Programme, that airs on BBC Radio 4. For more than a decade he has traveled the world recording stories of foods at risk of extinction. His work has been recognized by the James Beard Foundation, the Guild of Food Writers, and the Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink Awards. He lives in Cheltenham but his roots are Sicilian. His last book Eating to Extinction – The World’s Rarest Foods and Why We Need to Save Them was awarded the 2019 Jange Grisgson Trust Award. The book argues that food diversity is linked to the biodiversity of our planet: the disappearing of some food implies the disappearing of the culture that produced it. “The future of our food is the future of our planet” and preserving biodiversity should be a priority of each of us.

Tuesday, October 18
A conversation with Sabrina Efionayi

Sabrina Efionayi is a 23 year old Italian writer of Nigerian origins who grew up near Neaples. “in a typical Neapolitan family”. She published her first book when she was sixteen years old. Her latest, autobiographical book Addio a domani (Einaudi, 2022), in which she talks about the challenges of a young black woman living in a sexist, racist environment, has received significant media attention.

Tuesday, November 15,
Holly Heuser talks about “Milano Emotiva”

Holly Heuser is a young artist and Milano Emotiva is her first book, a mixed-media graphic novel about the many-legged creature that is the city of Milan, seen through the double lens of a compulsive illustrator filling pages with visions.
As Holly says: “By mixing photography, horror-vacui drawing, collage and digital art, I created a language that reflects the schizophrenic speed at which life and love move through the machine of the city, referencing the artists of history who depicted the infinite maze, such as MC Escher and Professor Bad Trip (Gianluca Lerici), while striving for the aesthetic ecstasy of artists such as Yayoi Kusama and Alex Grey. Conceptually, the book tells the story of the emotions of the city, drawing on the psychogeographical legacy of authors such as Dickens, Paul Auster, and Luther Blissett. Magical visions of trains as giant worms mix with the political pain of reproductive rights and feminism in a hard-to-navigate urban rat race.”