Housing Change Policy

First Two Weeks: Adaptation Period

After housing placements have been made, a two-week period of adaptation is required before any housing changes can be considered.

Note: No housing change requests will be considered for reasons of distance from the Syracuse Florence Center or from any particular points within the city (historic city center or elsewhere).

After Two Weeks: Resolution Period

The following steps will be taken in the case of a problem:

  • Step 1: The student must first try to work out the problem in-house, with or without the assistance of the housing office, depending on the case.
  • Step 2: If the problem is such that the student has a justified reason for wanting to move, the student will be notified and arrangements will be made.

Moving Out of Syracuse Housing

If a student decides to move somewhere independent of Syracuse housing after the above efforts have been made, the student must obtain the following:

  • Written permission from parent(s) or guardian(s)
  • A letter of approval from the home school (if a visiting student)
  • Syracuse Florence approval: from both the Program Director and the Assistant Director for Student Life.

If the reasons for wanting to move are considered justifiable and the request has been made within the first month of the session (that is, no later than the final deadline for course/credit changes—see the session calendar) a 50% refund will be applied to the student’s account. In the case of requests made after this deadline, no refund will be applied.

If a request to move has been made before the deadline, but the reasons are considered unjustifiable (as determined by the Program Director and the Assistant Director for Student Life), the student may opt for independent housing but will receive no refund.

Please remember that initial challenges are often a normal part of cultural adaptation and of becoming accustomed to one’s surroundings. In the vast majority of cases, students find that their initial apprehensions about living in Florence greatly diminish within the first couple of weeks. Regardless of the housing change request outcome, the Student Life and Housing staff are always available to provide support, information, tips, and advice along the way.