Covid-19 Plans: Florence

As of January 5, 2023: Syracuse Abroad is unable to accommodate Covid-19 Vaccination and/or booster Exemptions. All students studying with our programs must be fully vaccinated, receive all eligible boosters and provide proof of inoculation prior to a published deadline for each program. In general, international governments have constraints on those unvaccinated such that robust participation in a study abroad program is not possible. The experience would be so compromised as to not meet the high standards of a Syracuse Abroad experience. Students with questions about this should reach out to their International Program Advisor.
Syracuse University students that have been formally granted exemption from the University’s Covid-19 vaccine and booster requirements, may, in some circumstances, be eligible to study abroad with a World  Program in locations where the host country and partner institution allow exemptions.  Please contact Syracuse Abroad at to request information and discuss your options.

Covid-19 plans updated January 2023.

Documentation for Proof of Vaccination

CDC “White Card”
You are required to take your original vaccination card and any additional/ booster documentation you have received with you when you travel (for those who received their vaccination and booster in the United States, this is the CDC-issued white vaccination card(s)). You may be required to present all of this original documentation when boarding your flight to/entering Italy, so make sure to pack this in your personal item. Also make hard copies of it to bring with you, scan a copy for your files, and take a photo of it. Store the digital copies on your phone that you bring with you. Share a copy with your parent/guardian. Do not laminate your vaccination documentation.

Vaccination card requirements:

  • Must have documentation demonstrating proof of full vaccination
  •  Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, or AstraZeneca are accepted
  • Must be fully vaccinated at least 14 days before arrival
  • Must be in English containing at least the following contents:
    • Identification data of the owner (name, surname, date of birth)
    • Data relating to the vaccine (name and lot number/batch)
    • Date(s) of administration of the vaccine
    • Identification date of the person or entity who issued the certificate (State, Health Authority)

Covid-19 Booster
Following the announcement by the CDC that all adults over age 18 are eligible for a Covid-19 booster six months from their initial vaccination series (see: CDC Expands Eligibility for COVID-19 Booster Shots to All Adults), Syracuse Abroad will now require all participants in the Spring 2023 Syracuse Florence program to receive a Covid-19 booster if they are eligible to receive one and if they have not been approved for an exemption from the Covid-19 vaccine by Syracuse University. Note that anyone over 18 who has received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine previously is eligible for a booster 2 months after receiving their initial dose.

As with your original vaccination card, you should also bring your original booster documentation with you when you travel.

You must receive your booster at least 14 days before your travel to Italy if you are eligible to receive one (i.e., it has been six months after your initial dose). This is to avoid quarantine restrictions upon your arrival in Italy. For those not initially vaccinated with Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, or AstraZeneca, please contact


Complete disinfection of facilities prior to opening following local guidelines and protocols.

Daily cleaning of facilities throughout program duration.

Periodic cleaning and disinfection of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) in addition to air purification.

Frequent daily cleaning of bathrooms, door handles, light switches, computer lab areas, & HVAC.

Mandatory airing out of classrooms before and after each class.

Personal cleaning supplies for each office, for faculty rooms, and on each instructor’s desk in classrooms.

Cleaning supply station in every classroom, for student/professor cleaning of desks. Dedicated garbage containers in corridors outside classrooms for disposal of waste used to clean desk areas.

Anti-bacterial hand gel available in all offices, classrooms, entrance, outside bathrooms, near café bar, student lounge areas and in designated eating spaces.


Masks will not be required on campus or student’s personal living space but may be required in shared spaces depending on the facilities’ requirements.

FFP2 use is mandatory to access:​

  • Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes​

Face masks are recommended to access public activities such as grocery stores, shops, and shopping centers.​

Social Distancing

Social distancing (one-meter minimum) always remains recommended.

Registration of every person (name/contact information) entering the building including their time of entry and exit will be required in the case that contact tracing is necessary.

Policies/Student Behavior

Use of Syracuse University’s Stay Safe Pledge, adapted to Syracuse Florence, to incorporate housing and travel.

Possible expulsion from program for flagrant and/or repeated disregard of policies.

Medical Care

Syracuse Florence doctor will follow national ordinance directive of triage in the event of a suspected Covid case. Consultation with physician will occur first by phone. Physician will then decide whether to see patient in person or to send them directly to the hospital/testing site for a swab test, while providing direction for quarantine until results of test are available. In serious cases, direct hospitalization will occur. On-site doctor is also available by appointment for other medical concerns on a regular basis and will advise accordingly if symptoms possibly indicate Covid or other illness and can provide specialist referral, if needed.

Continued availability of the Syracuse Florence emergency phone for student calls. E-team member on duty will address student needs.

Continued availability of The Student Hotel 24/7 front desk assistance with direct access to medical team which will follow the same procedures as stated above for Syracuse Florence doctor.

In the case of any student who becomes ill with Covid, Syracuse Florence staff will keep in direct and continual contact with them, assisting in navigating this triage process.


  • Those who have always been asymptomatic and those who have had no symptoms for at least 2 (two) days can terminate their isolation after 5 (five) days from the first positive test with no need for a negative test.
  • For those who have always been asymptomatic, isolation can terminate even before the mentioned 5 days with an official negative test.
  • Use of FFP2 mask is mandatory until the 10th day from the start of symptoms, or, if asymptomatic, from the first positive test, avoiding high-risk people or crowded places.

Contact Tracing

A Syracuse Florence staff member trained in contact tracing will proceed to trace close contacts effective immediately in the event of a suspected Covid case, further working in conjunction with the national health service and on-site doctor for follow-up medical assistance, isolation, and quarantine.

Daily log of all people entering or in physically on Syracuse premises is required by Italian ordinance (see above for “Social Distancing”). All school trips, field studies, and in-person extracurricular activities will require attendance lists, as will professors with their classes. External visitors to the center will fill in a self-declaration form stating they do not have symptoms nor have come into contact with a positive case which will also be used for contact tracing purposes, when necessary.

Existing Health, Safety, other Policies which must be Revised due to Covid

Emergency team staff are not currently able to accompany the student in a hospital or doctor’s office to provide translation, due to Italian national ordinance. Where possible however, the team member will assist in translation of medical care.