Covid-19 Plans: London

As of January 5, 2023: Syracuse Abroad is unable to accommodate Covid-19 Vaccination and/or booster Exemptions. All students studying with our programs must be fully vaccinated, receive all eligible boosters and provide proof of inoculation prior to a published deadline for each program. In general, international governments have constraints on those unvaccinated such that robust participation in a study abroad program is not possible. The experience would be so compromised as to not meet the high standards of a Syracuse Abroad experience. Students with questions about this should reach out to their International Program Advisor.
Syracuse University students that have been formally granted exemption from the University’s Covid-19 vaccine and booster requirements, may, in some circumstances, be eligible to study abroad with a World  Program in locations where the host country and partner institution allow exemptions.  Please contact Syracuse Abroad at to request information and discuss your options.

Covid-19 plans updated October 2022.

Syracuse University London adheres to UK government guidelines, the Health and Safety Executive guidelines and National Health Service recommendations. The latest guidance and recommendations can be accessed via the following websites:

NOTE: Subject to changes/modifications in accordance with local regulations and best practices

Center Cleaning/Sanitation/PPE

We carry out enhanced cleaning measures, including more frequent cleaning of rooms and shared areas that are used by different groups, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces, touchpoints, and washrooms using approved cleaning products.

Working in concert with our cleaning services provider, the cleaning schedule has been increased and a dedicated cleaning operative is always present on-site during opening hours.

Increased availability of hand sanitization facilities will be provided throughout the campus. Students are advised to clean their hands thoroughly and more frequently.

Sanitization wipes or equivalent cleaning products will be provided in every regularly used room.

Students, staff, and faculty will be responsible for cleaning their own workspaces before and after use.

General waste and recycling bins in public areas will be emptied twice daily.

Difficult to clean items including soft furnishings and fabrics will be removed or taken out of general use. Students, staff, and faculty are responsible for reducing clutter in their areas to minimize exposed surfaces.

Supply of fresh air will be maintained and increased by opening windows and doors.

Classrooms will be aired out before and after each teaching session. Where required, improvement of outside air circulation to prevent pockets of stagnant air in occupied spaces will be achieved through the use of fans. HEPA air purifiers will be provided in rooms as necessary.

Air conditioning and air purifier filters will be routinely cleaned.

While we strongly recommend this, there is no requirement to wear a face covering while on campus. However, this is subject to change within specific classrooms or site visits, as required. Additionally, we recommend that students wear face coverings in crowded and enclosed spaces where they come into contact with people they don’t normally meet. A supply of disposable face masks will be available at reception for anyone who requires one.

Protective screens will be provided in high traffic areas of staff offices.

Social Distancing

There are no formal social distancing rules in place. However, some precautions will be taken to limit spread, but also for safety purposes.

Visitors will not be permitted on campus, unless in exceptional circumstances. In such cases, approval with 24-hours prior notice is required from the Operations office.

Students will not be permitted to bring luggage on-site (with exceptions), except for Syracuse London led field trips.

Non-business deliveries and mail, such as personal (non-food) deliveries to students, staff, and faculty will not be permitted.

Policies Regarding Student Behavior

Signing and adherence to the Syracuse London Stay Safe Pledge is a requirement of program participation.

Response to infractions will follow the same procedures as other Student Life or Academic misconduct and will involve a range of measures including online meetings with Assistant Directors and/or the Director.


Both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers are not required to test pre-departure or post-arrival.

Prior to travelling, students must comply with their residential country’s policies on isolation if they are symptomatic or have been in contact with a symptomatic or positive person.

Medical Care

Students that become sick can book a consultation with a private General Practitioner (GP) via the DocTap service. Students will be provided instructions on how to access DocTap at their arrival orientation.

DocTap recommends a phone consultation where possible and will advise if students need to be seen in clinic.

The London Center covers the cost of the initial appointment; costs for appointments thereafter must be covered by the student.

As a back-up and to allow for more choice, students will be directed to alternative health clinics if DocTap has no availability. Information on how to access these services will be provided as needed by Center staff.

An Emergency phone will be available allowing students to connect with a member of the London Center team for assistance between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday and over the weekend from Friday 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. Monday.

International SOS is also available and can be contacted to assist with medical needs.

Students requiring emergency care or with a life-threatening illness must contact the UK emergency services by dialing 999.

Accident & Emergency (ER) departments are open 24/7 at designated hospitals in London for urgent and life-threatening illnesses. There is no cost for being treated at an Accident & Emergency department for international students, but there is a cost for in-patient care.

Students without symptoms (asymptomatic) and wishing to take a diagnostic Covid-19 test must obtain this independently by purchasing tests from local chemists. Those that are symptomatic can have tests provided for free from the London Centre.

Quarantine Rules

Quarantine or isolation is a personal responsibility, and means that the person cannot leave their home for any reason.

Syracuse London will support student safety during their quarantine period.

Although self-isolation rules are currently only guidance rather than law in the United Kingdom, Syracuse London has its own rules on self-isolation:

  • When a student tests positive for Covid-19, they must report this immediately to the Student Support Office. They are then given a timeline for isolation depending on their specific situation. Typically, students must isolate for 10 days with day 0 being the first day of symptoms/when student tested positive (whichever came first). Students can end isolation early with negative tests from Day5/6.
  • Currently, other members of a household where someone either is symptomatic or tests positive, including those who do not have any symptoms, are encouraged to undergo testing at a frequency that will be set by the UK government or the London Centre (depending on which provides the most safety to the Syracuse London Community as a whole). This applies even if students have been fully vaccinated.
  • The London Center Contact Tracers will alert close contacts that are not members of the student household but are part of the Syracuse London community. Close contacts at this stage do not need to self-isolate. London Center staff will remain in regular contact with students who are isolating, and will provide whatever assistance is necessary.

On-Site Testing

There is no surveillance testing, we are only running symptomatic testing.

Contact Tracing

Syracuse London will nominate a Contact Tracing Lead and several Contact Tracers, all of whom will have undertaken contact tracing training.

The campus-card entry system will record date, and entry and exit times of students, staff, and faculty on campus.

Records will be kept of students attending field trips, group allocation, and if applicable, seat allocation on transportation and room assignment for overnight stays.

Contact Tracers must be informed of any student, staff, or faculty displaying Covid-19 symptoms or who has tested positive or has been identified as a close contact. Contact Tracers will then act in accordance with training provided.

Revised Health, Safety, and Other Policies

Syracuse London has revised or is currently in the process of revising its Health, Safety and other policies to incorporate UK government, Public Health England and Health & Safety Executive guidelines relating to Covid-19.