Liberal Arts at UAM (Advanced Spanish Cluster)

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) is a public university that has become a landmark in the Spanish and international university community. It is well-known for excelling in research and entrepreneurship, teaching excellence, and social commitment.

Its international presence is supported through numerous exchange and training programs with universities throughout the world. UAM offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses. UAM is located in the outskirts of Madrid but is well-connected to the Syracuse Madrid Center.

If you are fluent in Spanish and want to experience full immersion in the Spanish university system, the Syracuse Madrid Center and Liberal Arts in Spanish at UAM might be the abroad program for you.

Program Features

To enroll in UAM courses taught in Spanish, students can opt to participate in the Syracuse Madrid program for both the full academic year (fall and spring) or spring semester only. Students who enroll in the fall semester but not in the spring are not eligible for this option.

You will combine coursework at UAM with course offerings at Syracuse Madrid Center. Typically, students enroll in 1-2 courses at UAM and 2-4 additional courses at the Syracuse Madrid center. During their study at UAM, students will have access to UAM services and facilities, such as libraries, computer labs, and sports.


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Courses Offered at UAM and Approved by SU

Spring Courses

 UAM Course  Status  Code Approved by SU
16923 History of Imperial Rome
(History de la Roma Imperial)
Approved as HST HST 380
16946 History of European Expansion
(Historia de la Expansión Europea)
Approved as HST & not as IR HST 380
16890 Archaeology of the Ancient World
(Arqueología del Mundo Antiguo)
Approved as HST HST 380
19015 Genesis of Medieval Iberia
(Génesis de la Edad Media Peninsular)
Approved as HST & SPA HST 380 & SPA 380
19036 Europe and the United States in the International System
(Europa y los Estados Unidos en el Sistema Internacional)
Approved as HST & not as IR HST 380
19029 Native Peoples of Latinamerica: From the Past to the Present
(Pueblos Originarios de América: Del Pasado al Presente)
Approved as HST, SPA & LAS HST 380, SPA 480 & LAS 480
19037 Gender in Modern Social and Intellectual Movements
(Género en los Movimientos Sociales e Intelectuales Contemporáneos)
Approved as HST & SOC and not approved as WGS HST 380 & SOC 380 (not as WGS)
16884 Modern History II
(Historia Contemporánea II)
Approved as HST & SPA HST 380 & SPA 380
16885  Later prehistory (Prehistoria Reciente) Approved as HST HST 380
19014 Early Modern History II: 17th Century (Historia Moderna II; Siglo XVII) Approved as HST HST 380
16904 Prehistoric Art and its symbology (Arte Prehistórico y Su Simbología) Approved as HST but not as HOA HST 380
17526 Renaissance and Baroque Spanish Literature (Theatre)
(Literatura Española del Renacimiento y Barroco (Teatro))
Approved as SPA SPA 480
17527 Literature and Culture: Latin American Literature from Colony to Independence
(Literatura y Cultura: Literatura Hispanoamericana de la Colonia a la Independencia)
Approved as SPA SPA 480
17548 Literature and Culture: Contemporary Latin American Literature
(Literatura y Cultura: Literatura Hispanoamericana Contemporánea)
Approved as SPA SPA 480
17574 Linguistic and Literary Analysis of Hispanic Texts
(Comentario Lingüístico y Literario de Textos Hispánicos)
Approved as SPA SPA 380 (Similar to SU’s SPA
301 this will be counted as
elective but will not count  as a substitute for SPA major/minor requirement)
17570 Spanish Lexicography
(Lexicografía del Español)
Approved as SPA SPA 480
16938 Al Andalus and the Islamic World
(Al Andalus y el Mundo Islámico)
Approved as HST and MES HST 480.5 & MES 380.5


Fall Courses

 UAM Course  Status  Code Approved by SU
16892 Modern History III
(Historia Contemporánea III)
Approved as HST HST 380.2
16905 Conservation of Archaeological Heritage
(Conservación del Patrimonio Arqueológico
(in the UAM webpage appears as 19022)
Approved as ANT ANT 380.1
16949 Latin America Today (since 1973) (América Latina Actual (desde 1973) Approved as HST & LAS HST  380.1 & LAS 380.1
16916 Religion and Culture in Early Modern Spain
(Religión y Cultura en la España Moderna)
Approved as HST & SPA HST 380 & SPA 480
19026 Monarchy and Territories in Early Modern Spain
(Monarquía y Territorios en la España Moderna)
Approved as HST & SPA HST 380 & SPA 480
17545  Spanish Language: Varieties of Language (Lengua Española: Variedades de la Lengua) Approved as SPA SPA 480
19013 Ancient Greek History
(History de Grecia Antigua)
Approved as HST HST 380
19027 History and Gender in Early Modern Period
(Historia y Género en la Época Moderna)
Approved as HST HST 380
16889 Prehistory and Archeology of Iberian Peninsula
(Prehistoria y Arqueología de la Península Ibérica)
Approved as HST HST 380
16883  Modern History I
(Historia Contemporánea I)
Approved as HST & SPA  HST 380 & SPA 380
17580 Critical Literature
(Crítica Literaria)
Approved as SPA SPA 480

*UAM courses may be subject to change