Azahar: Interfaith Relations in Spain (711-1492 CE)

HST/HUM/MES 400.1 (3 credits)

The popular, long-running Azahar seminar retraces the splendor of Islamic culture and the drive of Hispanic national reunification. You will learn about the Islamic influence on the rich traditions of the Iberian Peninsula, including the establishment of the Umayyad Caliphate in Córdoba and the Nassrid Emirate in Granada. Muslim, Jewish, and Christian coexistence and tolerance helped produce such cultural and social monuments (that you will visit on this seminar) as the Great Mosque of Córdoba, the Cathedral of Toledo, the Giralda of Sevilla, and the Alhambra in Granada (subject to change per travel restrictions). This 3-credit course is taught in English.

Costs: The costs for Azahar are included in your program fee. During the pre-semester seminar, students receive breakfasts and one meal per day (lunch or dinner), but should budget approximately $250-$350 for additional meals.

NOTE: The seminar schedule, itinerary, and procedures are subject to change without notice.


The seminar is led by Prof. Antonel Jepure who teaches religion and anthropology at Syracuse Madrid, as well as Prof. Maite Viñuelas, who supervises the Spanish department and Internship program.