There has been a marked increase of packages from the United States being held at customs. In many cases, students are being asked to pay hefty import tariffs. Furthermore, customs officials will require a Spanish fiscal number in order to clear a package that’s being held. Syracuse Madrid staff can’t provide you with this number and host families aren’t required to do so. As a result, you may have to resort to paying a broker to release your shipment.

Encourage loved ones to avoid sending you packages by mail as most articles can be obtained in Spain.  If articles must be sent by mail, advise your loved ones not to send irreplaceable or valuable items because there’s no sure-fire way to be able to avoid paying customs duties or tariffs. Be prepared to pay 21% IVA (VAT), up to 17% duty and a flat fee for processing each package.  Syracuse Madrid staff aren’t customs brokers and won’t be able to assist you beyond helping you identify the necessary documentation.

Have mail sent to Syracuse Madrid and not to your host family address:

Syracuse Madrid
Calle Miguel Ángel 8
28010, Madrid, Spain

Post offices (correos) in Spain are generally open from 08:30 to 14:30, Monday through Friday, though many are now open from 08:30 to 20:00, Monday through Friday, and 09:00 to 14:30 on Saturdays. Many El Corte Inglés department stores have their own correos and these generally have the same hours as the department store itself.

For more information, call 902-197-197 or visit or