Group Flights

Spring 2020 Group Flights

Group Flights will soon be available to book through Advantage Travel. Please check your email for messages from your admissions counselor about group flights offerings & booking availability.

The listing below will be updated as flights become available for booking.

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Hong Kong

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Group Flights for Accepted Students

Traveling with a group of fellow students provides several advantages:

  • Pre-boarding assistance: As part of the group flight, you will receive check-in assistance at the airport. Advantage Travel representatives at the airport can provide you and your parents or guardians with information vital for check-in and advise you if any changes have occurred. We ask that you meet for your group flight at the airport (usually Newark or JFK) at least four hours before flight departure to ensure timely boarding.
  • On-board and connection assistance: Most, but not all, group flights are accompanied by a Syracuse Abroad staff or faculty member. These group leaders travel with you and are on hand to guide you through flight connections (if needed) and immigration/customs.
  • Meeting other students: Traveling with future classmates or roommates gives you time to get to know one another.
  • Arrival assistance: After going through customs, our local Syracuse Abroad staff will greet your group flight and guide you to arranged transportation to your orientation or Signature Seminar site.

Connecting Flights for Group Travel

If you are planning to fly to New York or another location to meet the group, you should schedule your connecting flight as early as possible on the day of departure, or even the day before, so you do not risk missing the group flight. If you have trouble scheduling a connecting flight early enough to make the check-in and it will be a close call to meet the flight, let Advantage Travel staff know your connecting airline and flight number in advance so they can track your progress.

Advantage Travel staff is available to assist you. If you experience delays or cancellations, phone Advantage Travel at (315) 471-2222.