Preparing to Go: Exploring Central Europe


Central Europe Main Office Address:

University of Lower Silesia
International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education
Strzegomska 55 Street, room #405
53-611 Wrocław, Poland

Mailing address for students:

  • Kamienica pod Aniołami
    Kazimierza Wielkiego 31-33 Street
    50-077 Wrocław, Poland
  • Mailing prohibitions

Flights and Travel to Gdansk, Poland

There are two options for travel to the Central Europe program. You can choose to book the suggested flight offered by Advantage Travel, or you may make your own travel arrangements and meet the group upon arrival in Gdansk. Admitted students will receive an email detailing both options.

  • Suggested Flight: You will be met by a Central Europe staff member at the Gdansk airport,and escorted to the hotel where you’ll spend your first few nights of the signature seminar.
  • Independent Travel: You must purchase a flight that arrives at the Gdansk airport by 6 pm on the program start date. You will be met at the airport by a Central Europe staff member who will accompany you to a local hotel where you will spend the first few nights of the signature seminar.
  • Packing: Pack clothing and belongings for the semester in your large checked bag, and your carry on should have essentials for your flight and the first few days of the signature seminar. You will have access to your checked baggage throughout the duration of the signature seminar.


Students share double rooms in a beautifully renovated building in the historic center of Wroclaw, Poland (large triple rooms also available), which has excellent access to the city’s public transportation network. Your neighborhood is filled with cafes, galleries, and small restaurants where you can immerse yourself in city life. There are a variety of sports facilities in proximity to the dorm, including health clubs, gyms, and swimming pools.

Students live with other Syracuse Central Europe participants. Each room has a private bathroom.   A  small, shared kitchen is available for student food storage and preparation.


During the traveling seminar, some group meals are provided. Students also should plan to cover the costs of some of their meals. Once in Wroclaw, students are expected to buy and/or prepare meals on their own; meals are not included in the program fee. Students have the option of eating breakfast at the dorm/hotel, which offers a buffet at a discounted rate. Wroclaw is a University town with ample opportunities to buy affordable meals at many establishments in the city center. Many students usually opt to have meals regularly at the buffet at the University of Lower Silesia.

Cell Phone Information

Students generally have two options when it comes to cell phones:

  • You can bring your unlocked US cell phone to Poland and purchase a sim card upon arrival. Different data options are available. Check with your US phone service provider to see if your phone can be unlocked for global use.
  • You can purchase a SIM card through a provider in Poland with a plan that fits your needs.

Syracuse Central Europe staff can assist with cell phone options once students arrive in Europe. For communicating with parents and friends in the US, we recommend using apps such as Skype and WhatsApp. Students will also most likely use their US phone for their first two weeks in Europe during the signature seminar. Be sure to check with your US cell phone service provider for international rates.

Finances and Banking

You will find that you generally use cash more frequently in Poland than in the United States. Your ATM card is the best way to get cash in Europe. ATMs are widely accessible, but check with your bank to ensure your card can be used in foreign countries. Also be sure to ask about your bank’s service fees for international transactions as well as ATM fees.

Please do not bring large sums of US cash with you, since banks will not exchange dollars and exchange windows charge high fees. You can inquire with your bank about ordering foreign currency before you depart for Europe for most of the semester you will be using Polish currency, known as the Polish Złoty PLN).

It is a good idea to have a credit card in your name. It is not essential, but can come in handy in an emergency. Prior to your departure for Europe, contact your credit card provider to make sure your card can be used in foreign countries and that you have a 4-digit PIN. Again, you should inquire about any international service fees they may charge and let them know how long you’ll be overseas. Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted all over Europe, while most businesses in Europe do not accept American Express.

Travel and Packing

Packing for the Signature Seminar

For your convenience, you should pack one piece of luggage with the items and clothing you will need for the two-week Signature Seminar. This can be one of your check-in bags. The other luggage will be stored safely in the coach bus (but you will have access to it during our travels).

Be sure to take any medication you may need during the Signature Seminar, such as inhalers, epi-pens, etc. It is recommended that you carry this medicine with you in your carry-on luggage. Remember to bring comfortable walking shoes, a raincoat and/or an umbrella.

Academic Information

Health and Safety