Getting to Campus

Travel to Syracuse

When making flight arrangements, keep in mind that there are few direct flights to Syracuse from outside the U.S. You might consider making a connection to Syracuse from Washington D.C., Philadelphia, or Boston. If you’re flying in from the West Coast, you may consider Los Angeles or San Francisco. You may also fly into one of the New York City airports and catch a connecting flight to Syracuse. Jet Blue Airlines has daily flights from New York City. While there is also bus and train service from New York City, it is not very convenient to make the transfers and it also a relatively long trip by land (about 6 hours by train or bus).

From the Syracuse Airport

It is very easy to take a taxi from the airport. There are two taxi stands located at each end of the terminal past the luggage area (the Syracuse airport is small and very manageable). Once you collect your luggage, go to either end to find the taxi stand; it’s inside the building. There you can arrange a taxi to Syracuse University or directly to your housing depending on your plans. Typical taxi fare is around $30, not including tip.

From the Train or Bus Station

In the past, some students have taken a train or bus from New York City to Syracuse. Both the trains and buses arrive at the Regional Transportation Center. Taxis are usually located outside the front door and are marked. Century is the most popular company, but there are other small independent companies. If you do not see any, you can call Century at 315-455-5151 and they will arrange for a taxi to come and get you. The cost is about $30, not including tip. They cannot take credit cards in the cabs so you will have to pay cash.


If you are arriving too late to get into your housing, you may contact any of these hotels to make reservations to stay:

Genesee Grande Hotel  (less than 1 mile from campus)
1060 East Genesee Street Syracuse, NY 13210

Sheraton Hotel  (on campus)
801 University Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210
315- 475-3000

The Hotel Skyler  (1/2 mile from campus)
601 South Crouse Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210

Syracuse Airport Hotel (8 miles from campus)
900 Colonel, Col Eileen Collins Blvd, North Syracuse, NY 13212