Syracuse Florence Center

Most students take their courses at the Syracuse Florence Center in Piazza Savonarola and Piazzale Donatello. All courses except Italian language and culture are taught in English.

Intensive Language Program

The Intensive Language Program at the Centro di Cultura per Stranieri is for students with advanced language skills who want to take courses in Italian with other international students where the only common language spoken is Italian.

Direct Placement: Universita’ di Firenze

Students with highly developed language skills can choose to take courses in Italian at the Università di Firenze through the Direct Placement option.

First-Year Program: Discovery Florence

Discovery Florence is a special opportunity for freshman students enrolled in Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences to complete their first semester of study in Florence. The program covers all first-semester requirements, thus allowing students to remain on track toward degree requirements.

Signature Seminars

In addition to regular semester courses, students have the opportunity to participate in an optional Signature Seminar. The Greek Odyssey seminar is offered just before the fall semester and just after the spring semester, while the Eco-City Europe seminar is offered after the spring semester only.