The Academic Internship Program provides students with opportunities to gain firsthand experience working within an Italian business, artistic or cultural institution, or NGO while earning academic credit towards an undergraduate degree. Internships with Syracuse Florence are professional experiences that allow students, above all, to acquire soft skills and cross cultural competencies that they can carry with them throughout their careers.

The type of work an intern carries out varies according to the nature of the host organization and the student’s academic objectives, but the basic structure of all internships is the same: an assignment(s) carried out on-site followed by a final project which reflects upon, or in some way sums up, the student’s experience from an academic standpoint.

Internships are offered for academic credit only. The final grade reflects both the quality of the work carried out on-site and the degree of professionalism and reliability demonstrated throughout the internship.


The Internship Program Coordinator places students with host organizations according to the students’ academic objectives, competencies and the host organizations’ needs. The Syracuse Florence Internship Office is committed to supporting diversity in its student population and partner institutions. Every effort is made to satisfy students’ preferences, yet specific placements and tasks cannot be guaranteed.

If only one host organization interests you, that should be stated on the application, but, again, this does not guarantee your request can be satisfied.

If you are seeking a type of internship experience not listed in the booklet, indicate this on the application and make an appointment with the program coordinator as soon as possible during the application procedure. It may be possible to build an internship around your needs.

Some internships are not offered every semester. To the extent possible, this information is updated regularly in the Host Organization booklet, however, it may be impossible to include last-minute changes.

Important: It is the student’s responsibility to check email regularly. Messages requesting a reply should be answered promptly.

Completing an Internship

To successfully complete an internship, all forms, assignments, and progress reports must be handed in by the assigned deadlines.

Semester Division Assignments Ongoing Assignments
Check email regularly
Prepare for placement interview
Placement interview
Internship paperwork
Meet with faculty supervisor
Periodic email updates to Faculty Supervisor
Initial Internship report
Progress report #1 Log of hours
Meet with faculty supervisor
Periodic email updates to Faculty Supervisor
Midterm report questionnaire
Progress report #2 Log of hours
Meet with faculty supervisor
Periodic email updates to Faculty Supervisor
Final Assignment
Final Internship report Log of hours

Credit Drop and Withdrawal Policies

There are strict policies regarding internship withdrawals. The following deadlines must be adhered to:

  • Drop deadline (no record on transcripts): See academic deadline to drop courses on the Academic Calendar.
  • Withdrawal deadline (WD on transcripts): See academic deadline to withdraw from courses on the Academic Calendar.
    (In the case of particularly poor performance, students may be required to withdraw from an internship).
  • Failure to complete an internship: Students who have not followed the appropriate procedures to withdraw from an internship (see below) and have not completed all assignments/hours by the end of the semester will receive an “F” on their transcripts.

To Drop or Withdraw from an Internship: Any student who drops or withdraws from an internship must notify his or her faculty supervisor and file a “drop” form with the Syracuse Florence Academic Office (Villa Rossa rm. 24) immediately. Failure to do so will result in an “F” on the student’s transcripts.