The Academic Internship Program provides students with opportunities to gain firsthand experience working within an Italian business, artistic or cultural institution, or NGO while earning academic credit towards an undergraduate degree. Internships with Syracuse Florence are professional experiences that allow students, above all, to acquire soft skills and cross cultural competencies that they can carry with them throughout their careers.

The type of work an intern carries out varies according to the nature of the host organization and the student’s academic objectives, but the basic structure of all internships is the same: an assignment(s) carried out on-site followed by a final project which reflects upon, or in some way sums up, the student’s experience from an academic standpoint.

Internships are offered for academic credit only. The final grade reflects both the quality of the work carried out on-site and the degree of professionalism and reliability demonstrated throughout the internship.

To successfully complete an internship, all forms, assignments, and progress reports must be submitted to the internship office by the specified deadlines. 

Before the Internship Begins:

  • Complete an online interview with the prospective host organization site supervisor (to be arranged through the Syracuse Florence internship office). 
  • If you are chosen for the internship, you will receive the following paperwork: 
    • Acceptance letter which includes the name and contact information of your faculty supervisor and host supervisor.  
      • The faculty supervisor Is a member of the Syracuse Florence faculty and will act as your academic sponsor.
      • The host supervisor is an employee or owner of the host institution and is responsible for training the intern and overseeing their work for the duration of the internship.  
      • Acceptance letters are sent close to the time of arrival. 
    • Progetto formativo (required by Italian law) which must be completed, signed, and submitted before the internship can begin.
    • Internship Proposal Agreement (IPA) which must be completed and signed together with your designated faculty supervisor. This form is necessary for obtaining academic credit and it contains the terms of agreement between the student and the faculty supervisor (the nature of the final project, grading criteria). Students must send this form to the Internship Coordinator within the academic “Add” deadline.

Once the Internship Begins:

  • On the first day of the internship, finalize your schedule with the host supervisor and agree on the tasks to be carried out. 
  • It is essential that you arrive on time throughout the semester and adhere to the agreed upon schedule. All hours must be completed within the established timeframe.  
  • In the case of illness or other circumstances beyond your control, inform your faculty supervisor AND site supervisor immediately (before your scheduled time of arrival) and arrange with your supervisor to make up the missed hours as soon as possible. 
  • Carefully follow all instructions from your site supervisor and internship coordinator. 
  • Maintain regular contact via email or in person with your faculty supervisor. 
  • Submit weekly reports, work logs, and the final assignment on time. 


Semester DivisionAssignmentsOngoing Assignments
Pre-arrivalApplyCheck email regularly
Prepare for placement interview
Placement interview
Drafting internship Schedule
Faculty Supervisor is assigned
Internship Paperwork (IPA)
Before internship StartsInternship paperwork (Progetto Formativo)Check email regularly
BeginningMeet with Faculty supervisorPeriodic updates to Faculty Supervisor Check Blackboard regularly
Initial Internship report
Progress report #1
MiddleMeet with Faculty supervisorPeriodic updates to Faculty Supervisor Check Blackboard regularly
Midterm report questionnaire
Progress report #2
EndMeet with Faculty supervisorPeriodic updates to Faculty Supervisor Check Blackboard regularly
Wrap-up report
Final Internship Assignment
Internship Paperwork (Log of Hours)