Application Procedure

After having reviewed the Host Organization Descriptions and found the organizations that interest you, you are ready to complete an Internship Application.

To apply for an internship for the fall or spring session click here.

To apply for an internship for the summer session click here.

  • When completing your application, indicate up to three host organization preferences. 
  • It is advisable to include an updated resume, but it is not mandatory. 
  • Resumes should indicate your level of Italian language proficiency, even if that is “none.”  
  • Resumes should be titled using the format: Lastname_Firstname_Resume 
  • The deadline to submit applications is the same as the academic deadline to add courses at the Florence Center.  
  • After the applications have been submitted, the internship coordinator will contact applicants by email to confirm that the information from the Orange Abroad portal is correct and to request a cover letter.
  • Cover letters should be titled using the format: Lastname_Firstname_Coverletter 

Intern Selection Procedures  

Step 1. After the required materials have been submitted to the OrangeAbroad portal, the Syracuse Florence Internship Office will review student resumes, cover letters, and transcripts to create a basic profile of the students.  

Step 2. After reviewing the student profiles and placement preferences, the profiles will be sent to the appropriate host organizations. Student profiles may also be sent to other potential host organizations if the Internship Office sees fit. 

Step 3. If there are questions or doubts about student placement preferences, profiles, or other related matters, students may be asked to attend an online meeting with the Syracuse Florence Internship office. 

Step 4. Once the host organizations have selected their preferred candidates, each student will receive an email with details about setting up a date and time for an online interview.  

Step 5. Students should prepare for the interview by researching the company, exploring the company website, reviewing the company description on the Syracuse Florence website, and preparing a few questions for the host organization. Additionally, students should be prepared to briefly present themselves, their fields of study, and their relevant skills and experience. Students should be dressed appropriately as for a formal job interview and ensure that their surroundings are also suitable. 

After the Interview 

Be realistic and honest with yourself!

If you feel the placement is not a good fit, you will save your site supervisor and yourself time, aggravation, and even embarrassment by telling the Internship Coordinator immediately. In most cases another placement can be found. 

Once you have been approved for an internship and have had an interview, the program coordinator will contact you with the name of your assigned faculty supervisor. See: 

IMPORTANT: It is YOUR responsibility to contact your assigned faculty supervisor. See the faculty directory for email addresses.