Summer Interns Get Published

This summer, not only did Syracuse students Emily Bruck and Yasmin Nayrouz get real-world experience to put on their resumes, they also got bylines on their host organization’s websites. Bruck wrote articles about Florence fashion for US influencer Georgette Jupe’s popular blog Girl in Florence, and Nayrouz wrote about the study abroad experience for the firm Mazzeschi, which specializes in immigration law.

Hopefully, this inspires a vintage shopping session with your friends and serves as a reminder that Florence is not only a city of sightseeing and leather shops but one of historical trinkets and clothes with a story to tell. So use this as your guide (and save the map below) to a few walkable vintage stores to begin your journey into the beautiful history of Florence and its vintage items. 

Emily Bruck, “Shopping Vintage in Florence: Five Walkable Picks,” Girl in Florence

The pressure to look and feel perfect for your short or long time abroad is certainly present; how can you not feel put together in such a flawless location? But, there are many ways to avoid breaking the bank while achieving your Eurosummer closet goal, and the tips above can aid you in this endeavor. Just don’t forget to have fun planning, and make memories while bringing your outfit ideas to life. 

Emily Bruck, “How to Perfect Your Italian Summer Wardrobe,” Girl in Florence

I learned about immigration and citizenship processes in Italy through my internship, while learning about Italian culture during my free time. I enjoyed going to leather or food markets, visiting art museums, and simply walking around to explore. I suggest asking locals for recommendations to learn about hidden gems (like a view of the Duomo from a library). I also met many other students studying abroad, since Italy is a popular destination.

Yasmin Nayrouz, Studying Abroad in Italy: Classes and Internships, Mazzeschi