Host Organizations

Host Organization Applicants:

If your organization would like to partner with us and host Syracuse Florence interns, please fill out our Host institution request form and we will contact you shortly!


Please note that some internships are not offered every semester. The Internship Program Coordinator places students with host organizations according to the students’ academic objectives and the host organizations’ needs. Every effort is made to satisfy students’ preferences, yet first choices cannot be guaranteed.

SUF offers internships with organizations and institutions in the following fields of study (approved department credit in parentheses).

If you are seeking a type of internship experience not listed below, indicate this on the application and make an appointment with the program coordinator. It may be possible to build an internship around your needs.

Architecture (ARC)

Communications (IPA)

Education (IPA)

Engineering (TBD)

English and Textual Studies (ETS)

Event Planning and Hospitality (IPA)

Film (FIL)

Food Studies: Nutrition and Hospitality Management (IPA)

History (HST)

History of Art (HOA)

Information Technology and Management (IPA)

Italian (ITA)

Law (IPA)

Literature (LIT)

Performing Arts (DRA/IPA)

Political Science (PSC)

Social Media Management (MAR, EEE)

Sports (IPA)

Studio Arts – Fashion Design (PTG, JAM, PRT)

Studio Arts: Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture (IPA)

Studio Arts – Photography, Digital Imaging, Video Production (APH)