Field Studies Program

An exciting and extensive field studies program awaits you in Florence. While traveling to diverse locations throughout the Italian peninsula, you will be wowed by Italy’s natural beauty, become immersed in the country’s rich past and present, and discover how so many towns and cities became great centers of western art, architecture and culture. On any given weekend you may find yourself exploring archeological excavations in Pompeii, walking deep into an Etruscan tomb, climbing the dome of the world’s largest basilica, or floating down the Grand Canal of Venice.

Visits to historic monuments and contemporary museums, access to private openings, after-hour entrances, hands-on experiences and thought-provoking lectures are just part of what makes the field studies program unique.

All-School Field Trips

The objective of all-school field trips is to offer students the opportunity to travel to cities throughout Italy under the guidance of an experienced lecturer.

All-school trips include Florence city tours (Insider’s Florence), as well as day trips to Italian cities such as Assisi, Siena, San Gimignano, Ravenna, Pisa, Lucca, and Venice, to name a few. Students can also choose to participate in one overnight trip such as to Rome/Naples, Amalfi Coast, Sicily and other destinations, depending on the semester. All-school trips are open to students not enrolled in the School of Architecture professional degree program, which runs its own trips through the required ARC 571 course (see below). All-school trip costs (excluding meals) are covered by your program fee. Sign-ups take place during Orientation.

Course-Related Field Studies

Many courses include one or more course-related field study trips which are an integral and mandatory part of the course. The cost of these trips is included in the course fee which will be billed to your bursar account.

School of Architecture: ARC 571 Survey of Italian Architecture

All students enrolled in the School of Architecture professional degree program take the 3-credit ARC 571 Survey of Italian Architecture field trips course. Architecture students may also take an elective which includes additional study tours for which you will be billed through your bursar account. In the case of a scheduling conflict, contact the architecture and field studies coordinators immediately.

Contact Us

For more information, or in the event of a scheduling conflict between two or more course-related field studies, please contact the Field Studies Office at