Eric Nicholson

eric-nicholsonPh.D., Yale University; New Haven, CT


Member of the Syracuse University in Florence Faculty since 1998.

Education:  BA, University of California, Berkeley; MA, Warwick University; Ph.D., Yale University.

Grants, Awards, and Fellowships include Fulbright Full Grant, Jacob Javits Fellowship,Villa I Tatti Fellowship, Distinguished Teaching Awards from Purchase College SUNY and New York University.

Publications and translations 
include Sin and Fear: the Emergence of a Western Guilt Culture(translator, St. Martin’s Press, 1990), articles in A History of Women in the West (Harvard Univ. Press, 1993), Place and Displacement in the Renaissance (SUNY, 1995), Renaissance Transactions (Duke Univ. Press, 1999), Italian Language and Culture (2002), Transnational Exchange in Early Modern Theater (co-editor, with Robert Henke, Ashgate Press, 2008).

Actor, Director, and Producer of theatrical productions at Syracuse University in Florence, inlcuding Much Ado About Nothing (2000); Dante Commediante (2002); The Eunuch (2003); Scapino il furbissimo (2004); Shakespeare’s Tempesta (2004); Cervantes’ Most Wonderful Show on Earth (2005); The Illusione/l’Illusione(2006); The Trendyssime (2007); The Mandragola (2008); Come You Like It (2011); Marcovaldo (2012).