Staff List


Petra Hejnova, Interim Executive Director,, 315-443-9418

Diane McKenney, Director of Administration,, 315-443-9416

Bridget Demorest, Assistant Director, Student Services,, 315-443-1844

Erika Wilkens, Special Assistant,, 315-443-9423

Admissions Counselors

Louis Berends, Director of Academic Programs,, 315-443-1925
World Partner Programs: Africa, India
Exploring Central Europe: History, Memory, and Identity Across Borders

Myles Chalue, Counselor,, 315-443-9420
Summer and Faculty-led programs

Mary Fedorko, Sr. Counselor,, 315-443-9424
Beijing and Hong Kong Centers

Debbie Goddard, Counselor,, 315-443-2528
World Partner Programs: Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Asia
Incoming Exchange Students

Kelsey Hanbach, Counselor,, 315-443-9421
Summer and Faculty-led Programs

Cara Hardy, Program Coordinator, World Partner & Short Term Programs,, 315-443-9417
World Partner Programs: Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Sweden), Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East
Short-term Programs

Gael Noyes, Sr. Counselor,, 315-443-0252
Florence Center

Joelle Orecki, Counselor,, 315-443-9431
London and Strasbourg Centers

Callie Rogemoser, Counselor,, 315-443-9425
Madrid and Santiago Centers


Michael Messina, Director of Institutional Relations,, 315-443-9430

Ray Wihak, Assistant Director of Institutional Relations,, 315-443-9426

Matt Maloney, Recruiter,, 315-443-9427
Discovery Programs

Lucile Matthews, Recruiter,, 315-443-9422
On-campus programming and events

Communications and Creative Services

Daeya Malboeuf, Executive Director (via Enrollment Management),, 315-443-2007

Jennifer Horvath, Manager, Marketing & Communications,, 315-443-8382
Media requests

Academic Services

Jackie Lewis-Frenay, Assistant Director for Academic Services,, 315-443-5721

Jeanne Chu, Program Assistant, Academic Services,, 315-443-2955

Marisa Lostumbo, Student Records Specialist,, 315-443-0230

Business Office

Michele Rotunno, Budget Analyst,, 315-443-9415

Nancy Hard, Sr. Accountant,, 315-443-3090

Jackie Weinheimer, Business Office Assistant,, 315-443-9432

Anne Mong, Business Operations Specialist,, 315-443-4615

Marisa Lostumbo, Student Records Specialist/Bursar,, 315-443-0230

Front Desk

TBD, Front Desk Coordinator, 315-443-3471

ITS (TDS Studio Abroad)

Amy Sturgeon, Business Analyst,, 315-443-9414


Louis Berends, Director of Academic Programs,, 315-443-1925

Marie Kulikowsky, Assistant Director for Summer Programs,, 315-443-9419