Syracuse Abroad Statement on London Incidents

Syracuse London staff have confirmed the safety of all Syracuse Abroad students in London at this time.

Our international risk management partner, International SOS, reports the following:

Last Updated: 04 Jun 2017 04:00 (GMT)
Members in the capital London should continue to avoid the London Bridge and Borough Market areas following two security incidents there late on 3 June that the authorities are treating as terrorism. A van was driven into crowds of pedestrians on London Bridge shortly after 22.00 (local time); this was followed by stabbings outside a pub in Borough Market. At least six people have been killed and 30 others injured in the attacks. Armed police officers remain at the affected locations; traffic is suspended on London Bridge and Southwark Bridge on both directions and London Bridge and Borough Underground (‘tube’) stations remain closed.

ISOS’s advice is as follows:

Travel to the capital London and the UK can proceed. Security alerts are likely in the coming hours and days and could result in the short-notice evacuation of transport hubs. Allow ample time for travel within the UK and maintain flexible itineraries. Security hoaxes tend to proliferate in the aftermath of high-profile terrorist attacks, especially via Web-based social networks. Ensure you have access to reliable intelligence and refrain from acting on the basis of unverified information. Exercise caution at all times in crowded public areas. Remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior or suspect packages to the police. Investigations may prompt localized incidents and security cordons in London or elsewhere. Allow ample time for travel to and from all London airports as heightened and additional security checks are likely, especially at border crossings. Travelers should carry relevant identification documents.

Avoid the London Bridge and Borough Market areas until the situation fully stabilizes.

For up-to-date information on the ongoing situation, monitor our alerts and the Metropolitan Police Service’s (Met) Twitter account.

Expect a heightened security force presence and related travel disruption in the affected areas. London Bridge and Borough Underground (‘tube’) stations have been shut down.

Plan routes circumventing the affected area and follow all directives issued by the authorities. Updates on disruption to the transport network in London can be found here.

Security alerts and police operations are liable to prompt short-notice travel disruption across the UK. Follow all directives issued by the authorities. Do not communicate or act on unverified information.

Syracuse University, both here on the main campus and at our international learning centers, sends its thoughts to the victims and all those impacted by today’s incident in London. We will post further updates as needed.