Syracuse Abroad expands its global footprint in the 2017-18 academic year

The Syracuse Abroad office is proud of its commitment to expanding to offering students a wide range of abroad programs that meet their academic needs. A robust list of summer programs, ranging from three to nine credits, changes each year. Exciting new programs have been announced for summer 2018: A course examining the geography of wine and beer along the Franco-German border, an architecture course focused on public transportation issues in Guatemala City, a public health course examining issues of public health and drug abuse offered just over the border in Vancouver, Canada, and a course that takes students to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal to examine the effects of high altitude in human beings.

At the same time, changes are underway at the Syracuse Abroad centers: engineering courses are now offered for second-year students in Strasbourg and Florence, computer science and information technology courses are available in London, and a new Discovery first-year study abroad program for engineers will launch at the Madrid Center in fall 2018.

All told, Syracuse University students can now choose from 100 programs in 60 countries. We can’t wait to introduce you to them!