Top 5 Weekend Trips from the Syracuse London Center

By Meghan Stark

You’re currently thriving in London, but need a little break from the hustle and bustle of the city? London is close to so many incredible weekend getaways that make taking a breather from the city noise affordable and fun!

  1. York

It’s got castles, museums, and even a whole center devoted to Vikings! How could you not want to take a quick trip to the countryside to see this quaint town? A quick two-hour train ride transports you from the metropolis of London to the romantic, historic city of York. Perfect for a weekend getaway!

  1. Bath

Looking to see some of the UK’s most history-rich sites? Look no further than Bath! It’s specifically known for it’s Roman baths. Roman baths look like big, beautiful swimming pools where people would historically bathe and socialize. Bath is full of history and beauty and is only a 90 minute train ride from London’s Paddington Station.

  1. Peak District

The Peak District is known for its beautiful stately homes. Chatsworth House was used as the residence of Pride and Prejudice‘s Mr. Darcy. It’s not too long of a train ride, just three hours north of London. It’s also home to a national park that’s rich in history and natural beauty.

  1. Cornwall

Way west, Cornwall is a great beach trip to get away from the hustle of London. There are endless walking trails and sandy beaches, along with great seafood. You can surf there, too! A great change of pace from the city. Definitely a longer train ride, but totally worth it.

  1. Edinburgh

While Scotland’s Edinburgh may be a bit further away it’s totally worth the trip. Check out this gothic gem north of London and experience the castles and charm of Scotland’s capital. Known for its parades and the Edinburgh Castle, you can even see the pub where J.K. Rowling wrote Harry Potter. It’s a 7 hour train ride from London or a cheap hour flight.