ACC480.1 Auditing (Tsinghua U)

Taught in English. Effective Fall 2017, not open to Syracuse Management School majors. This course, designed for students interested in various aspects of accounting and finance, should provide the student with insight about auditing: what it is, why it’s important, what it entails, and why users of financial statements should care about it. Topics covered include the demand for assurance services, planning the audit, management fraud, the legal liability of public accounting firms, an overview of the audit process, and ethical issues facing CPAs.

Class taught by Tsinghua’s School of Economics & Management and may not be available every semester. Tsinghua’s exam schedule for this course may require students to stay beyond the regular SU Beijing program end-date.

Registration restriction: Closed to Syracuse Management School majors.

Prereq: Introductory financial accounting course.

Department: Accounting

Location: Tsinghua

Credits: 3