ARC561 Survey of British Architecture (Fall, Spring)

Open only to students admitted to the London architecture program who are required to take this course. This field trip course offers a broad overview of architecture, art and urbanism in the UK and of London in particular, its historic context, development, precedents and character. Our site-visits and lectures emphasize individual works of historic and contemporary architecture, the role of the individual building, urban components and spaces in the making of cities, together with the issues of urbanism, landscape, technology and sustainability. The home base, London, is our main centre of study and the common denominator in comparative analyses. Throughout the semester, we visit a contrasting variety of urban areas, architectural statements and historical precedents in London, Bath and Cambridge. While this is not an architectural history course, the history of sites and buildings is introduced through talks and readings to further an understanding of their planning, place in history, and architectural significance. The site visits will also demonstrate the essential requirement of good communication skills in drawing, writing and speaking to enhance an understanding of ideas and concepts. A course-related fee of $150 (2016-17) will be charged in Syracuse to cover entry fees, special exhibitions, and related costs. Corequisite: Architecture studio: ARC 407/408/608/609.

Department: Architecture

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3