COM300.1 Digital Britain: Engaging the User (Fall, Spring)

The digital revolution has profoundly shaken up the British media landscape. In an era of “fake news,” threats to the freedom of the press, big data, and the burgeoning of user-generated content, journalists face unprecedented pressure to retain users’ trust, and redefine their role in the 21st century. At the same time, technological innovations have led to new ways of storytelling across a variety of British media, breathing fresh life into the UK’s public service broadcasting landscape and lively newspaper industry. In this class, students will look at how British journalism is evolving in the digital age. Through a series of guest speakers, lectures, and outings, students will engage with a wide variety of digital journalism projects, develop an understanding of contemporary pressures on the industry, and examine ways in which British journalism stands out in a noisy online world.


Department: Communications

Location: London

Credits: 3