CRS380.1 Business Communication (Tsinghua U)

Taught in English. This course counts as a Free Elective for SU management majors . This course aims to prepare students to be able to deliver a presentation and submit a written proposal efficiently as well as effectively in a business context. The training is very important for students to succeed in the business world. Students participate in many training activities to make the learner aware of the communication goals and therefore able to apply the principles to create an efficient and effective business presentation. It also helps the learner apply the communication principles to written formats since the written proposals are evaluated as part of the final performance. It requires the learner to be a team member to make the presentation successful, for being able to work with a team is an important element for a manager’s future leadership. Finally, being able to listen to peer’s presentations and providing feedback are important tasks in the course as well.  (TU #30510912)

Class taught by Tsinghua’s School of Economics & Management and may not be available every semester. Tsinghua’s exam schedule for this course may require students to stay beyond the regular SU Beijing program end-date.

Registration note: This course counts as a Free Elective for SU management majors.

Department: Communications and Rhetorical Studies

Location: Tsinghua

Credits: 2