FST304 Farm to Fork (Fall)

Farm to Fork is a first-hand exploration of alternative food systems, the various efforts of consumers, producers, and other food system actors to build networks that embody alternatives to the conventional food system through production, marketing, distribution, and consumption. In this course we use both in-class learning and hands-on engagement to develop a better understanding and appreciation of efforts to build community-based food systems. During the semester we become active participants in the local food system as consumers. We will procure locally and regionally sourced foods direct from producers and eat in accordance with regional agriculture. As consumers, we get to enjoy seasonal, fresh, and local produce, and farmers gain customers and a larger share of the food dollar. This direct link between consumer and producer facilitates the development of relationships while building community-based food systems that support local economies. As a class we participate in the local food economy as a tool to facilitate the development of culinary skills necessary to participate in alternative food systems and to better understand and appreciate the complexities of alternative food systems through direct engagement.

Course fee: A fee will be charged to cover the costs of a Tuscan farm visit, cooking classes, and Florence site visits (2019 fee = $330).

Department: Food Studies

Location: Florence

Semester: Fall

Credits: 4