HST380.3: European History I (Modern European History)

This course offers a historical overview of European thought, politics and culture from the early Middle Ages until the French Revolution (not included). We will begin with the emergence of medieval civilization in the seventh century, analyze Church power and religious conflicts, the Renaissance, as well as European encounters with faraway lands and people during early colonization efforts. We will explore the advent of the scientific revolution and the enlightenment, and analyze the critiques of political absolutism that led to the birth of modern democratic thought. Debates on the nature of the individual, society, religious beliefs, and scientific progress will be examined. This first part of the course will end with an extensive discussion of the social, cultural, economic and political state of European society just before the advent of the French Revolution in order to prepare students for the second part of the class which will begin with the Revolution. (EUR 2211)

Department: History

Location: Istanbul

Credits: 3