IRP380.7: Agricultural Policy and Rural Development

Common Agricultural Policy is the most integrated of all EU policies. This course will begin with analyzing the historical background of CAP from 1960 onwards and touch upon the reform process after 1990. EU decision- making institutions involved in shaping the CAP will be scrutinized. The course will examine the two pillars of CAP: Single Payment Scheme known as Pillar I and Rural Development Regulation and evaluate CAP benefits and costs for member states. As CAP takes a large share of the EU budget, it is important to investigate the financial aspects of the CAP. Moreover, regarding the international trade, interaction of the WTO and CAP reform and the impacts of the CAP on the trade with developing countries will be analyzed. This course will also elaborate the integration of environmental objectives and measures into the CAP and new reforms in relation to climate change mitigation and adaptation. An emphasis will be put on EU enlargement and its implications for agricultural policy and rural development and Turkey’s position vis-a-vis the accession negotiations. Finally, challenges in the future of agricultural policy and rural development will be discussed. (EUS 4415)

Department: International Relations

Location: Istanbul

Credits: 3