PAI680.12 From Industrial to Innovation Policy (Tsinghua U – grad)

Taught in English. This course seeks to prepare students with skills to understand the causes and effects of industrial and innovation policy. The course uses an interdisciplinary approach and emphasizes the importance of teamwork in the design and implementation of industrial and innovation policy. In addition to developing analytical skills, students are expected to strengthen their capacity to work in teams by integrating knowledge from a diversity of sources. The course is designed to take in students from all fields interested in the role of industrial and innovation policy in development. The sessions will be conducted through guided discussions as well as lectures, guest speakers and presentations by students. (TU #90590032)

Class taught by Tsinghua’s School of Public Policy & Management and may not be available every semester. Tsinghua’s exam schedule for this course may require students to stay beyond the regular SU Beijing program end-date.

Department: Public Administration and International Affairs

Location: Tsinghua

Credits: 3