PAI680.5 International Political Economy (Tsinghua U – grad)

Taught in English. This course will begin by providing students with an account of the major theoretical traditions which seek to interpret and explain the international political economy. These can be divided into mainstream theories as realism and liberalism, and the radical theories in the Marxist tradition such as Marxism, dependency, world systems and neo-Gramscianism. It then introduces the debate about globalization and proceeds to explore different aspects of the contemporary international political economy — trade, finance, production, global governance, international development, etc. It aims to provide an understanding of developments and issues in the international political economy. (TU #805902013)

Class taught by Tsinghua’s School of Humanities & Social Sciences and may not be available every semester. Tsinghua’s exam schedule for this course may require students to stay beyond the regular SU Beijing program end date.

Department: Public Administration and International Affairs

Location: Tsinghua

Credits: 3