PSC380.1 International Conflict Transformation (at the U. of Florence) (Fall)

Open only to students accepted to the special program Florence Center & University of Florence (courses taught in English)

Taught in English by the University of Florence and open to Syracuse University students. This course presents concepts and theories related to the peaceful transformation of international violent conflicts, illustrating them with examples taken from global peace initiatives and Italian experiences in the field. Approaches to international conflict resolution have become widely used and discussed in the last decade, while new roles and tasks have emerged for international organizations such as the United Nations and the OSCE. At the same time, civil society organizations have increasingly played an important role in conflict resolution, through “second-track” or citizens’ diplomacy, dialogue projects, conflict sensitive approaches to development, as well as third party nonviolent intervention. The course aims to give a theoretically-informed overview of the field and fosters critical reflection on practical work in conflict transformation.

May also be registered as IRP 380.1.

The University of Florence calendar may require students taking this course to stay beyond the regular SU Florence program end-date.

Department: Political Science

Locations: Florence, University of Florence

Semester: Fall

Credits: 3