PSC380.47 EU Environmental Policy

Taught in English at Bahçeşehir University. Over the last four decades, EU environmental policy flourished from a policy without legal basis to a core area of policy which should be integrated into all other EU?s policies. Today, the European Union has some of the most advanced environmental policies of any state in the world and its standards have come to be seen as a benchmark. The purpose of this course is to clarify the parameters of EU environmental policy and analyze its underlying motives and familiarize students with the fundamental concepts that govern EU environmental policy – its constituent institutions, principles and procedures. It will analyze how the EU makes, implements and enforces environmental policy through in-depth case study of specific policy areas such as biotechnology and climate change. The evolution of environmental policy will be explored by examining the Environment Action Programs between 1972 and 2012 and new policy instruments introduced both at EU and state level. We will also touch upon the ways in which Member States with different economic activities and political traditions respond to Europeanization of environmental policy. The EU is also an important actor in the area of global environmental relations. Hence, the course will explore the much debated EU?s leadership in global climate negotiations. Lastly, we will refer to EU enlargement as a challenge to environmental policy and discuss ?Environment Chapter? opened in Turkey – EU accession negotiations. (EUR 4416)

Department: Political Science

Location: Istanbul

Credits: 3