PSY375 Cross-Cultural Psychology (Fall, Spring)

Cross-cultural psychology is a crucial discipline for anyone who is intrigued by the interaction between brain, mind and society. In this class we shall be discussing basic questions about universal and culture-specific psychological states and dispositions. For example, does a New Guinea stone-age warrior feel the same emotions as, say, a New York college student? Does mother tongue make you “see” the world in different ways from speakers of other languages? Why do we encounter people who consider good what we consider evil? Scientific answers to such basic questions pave the way for solving practical problems. For the students of this course the most relevant examples of such practical problems are those associated with living abroad. But the discipline also looks at other important societal problems. For example, what are the psychological challenges of a multicultural society? You are invited to explore these challenging and fascinating issues.

Pre-req: PSY 205, PSY 209, or equivalent introductory psychology course

Department: Psychology

Location: Madrid

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3