SOC380.11 Sociology of the Body

The course will examine issues related to body in everyday life and in various forms of art of dance in the Western/Westernized hemisphere of the world. First we will have a brief look at different approaches to body. Then we will see that body is not necessarily only a natural entity but is significantly socio-culturally and socio-politically constructed. The body is constructed depending on socio-political context, historical period and socio-economic class. Body movement, including dance, is not directly a reflection of physical definitions either. They are products of particular classes and historical periods such as ballet, Argentinean tango and modern dance. In addition we are going to look at body and how it is turning into an object and subject of culture industries and consumption cultures in the contemporary Western/Westernized societies. (SOC 3008/SOC 3055)

Department: Sociology

Location: Istanbul

Credits: 3