Syracuse Madrid Staff


Dieter Roberto Kuehl, Ph.D.

Professor of Spanish literature and cinema
Office Number: 913.199.942 (Ext 212)

I was born and raised in Guatemala City, Central America, by a Guatemalan mother and a German father. I earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Babson College and worked for over ten years for an American shipping company in my home country. In my early thirties, I decided to go back to school to study literature, and I earned an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Spanish literature from Harvard University.

While I was working on my dissertation, I came to Madrid to do research, and I fell in love with the country. Soon after, in 2001, I started working for Syracuse Madrid as a part-time professor, teaching a vast array of courses in Spanish literature and film. Eventually, in 2012, I became the director of the Syracuse Madrid program.

I use he/his/él pronouns.

Ph.D. Spanish literature – Harvard University
M.A. Spanish literature – Harvard University
B.S. Business administration – Babson College


Amalia Yrizar

Assistant director
Professor of history
Office Number: 913.199.942 (Ext 204)

My name is Amalia Yrizar, and I was born and raised in Madrid, where I went to school and university. During my high school years, I studied abroad in Ireland, which was an amazing experience for me. When I came back I decided to study history at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, where I specialized in Spanish and European history. Since 2003, I’ve been teaching Spanish history for Syracuse Madrid, and I have also accompanied several seminars. I really enjoy teaching because I can see how students improve their understanding of my home country and Spanish/European people and how eye-opening it is for you to visit the actual sites where history took place. But on top of all this, I love to see how your perspective of the world and of yourself changes during your time abroad. Since 2005, I have overseen the academic aspects of the Syracuse Madrid program. Therefore, if you have any doubt or need any advice on this matter, I’m happy to help. As you can see, an essential part of my life, both professional and personal, has been related to study abroad, and…I simply love it.

I use she/her/ella pronouns.

Ph.D. History – in progress – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Licenciatura. Library and information science – Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Licenciatura. Early modern and modern history – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain


Maite Viñuelas

Supervisor, Spanish language section and Internship and Service Learning
Professor of Spanish language
Office Number: 913.199.942 (Ext 203)

I am originally from a little town northeast of Madrid but my professional life has mostly taken place in Madrid. I studied Spanish (Filología hispánica) at the University of Alcalá, one of the oldest universities in Spain (dating from the late 15th century), which is where I first came in contact with study abroad. When I finished my B.A., I started my doctoral studies with a focus on Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I’ve taught all different levels of Spanish for many years, and I love teaching Spanish to U.S. students because of how rewarding it is to see students improve their Spanish on a daily basis. One of my goals is that students understand what’s going on around them in a foreign language. Since 2005, I’ve been the supervisor of the Spanish department and Internship program at Syracuse Madrid, and I’m available for any question or concern that you may have about these two issues.

I use she/her/ella pronouns.

Máster. Teaching Spanish as a foreign language –in progress- Universidad de Alcalá, Spain
Licenciatura. Spanish philology – Universidad de Alcalá, Spain

David Caro

Assistant, academics (Interim)
Office Number: 913.199.942 (Ext 207)

My name is David Caro, and I’m from Madrid. My last year of university, I volunteered with the U.S. programs at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.  There I came into contact with many students with different, wonderful, and enriching viewpoints about life, academics, and the whole world.  Since then, I’ve worked for several U.S. university programs in Spain and, since 2015, in the academic office of Syracuse Madrid.  Here, I’ve also led informational sessions and coordinated several intercultural activities.

After obtaining my Ph.D., I’ve taught sociology and Spanish language and literature at Syracuse Madrid and at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

I enjoy teaching and assisting students during their time abroad because I strongly believe that traveling and becoming familiar with different cultures and ways of life is a great way to mature and understand our changing and challenging world.

I use he/his/él pronouns.

Ph.D. Spanish literature – Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Máster. Italian literature – Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Licenciatura. Spanish philology – Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Licenciatura. Italian philology – Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain


Ariadne Ferro, PhD

Ariadne M. Ferro Bajuelo, Ph.D.

Director, Student Life (Maternity leave, Fall 2017)
Number: 913.199.942 (Ext 209)

I’m originally from Hialeah, FL (Miami) and was raised in an amazing Cuban community. Once I left home, study abroad became a big part of my life. During my university and grad school years I had the privilege of studying abroad in Rio de Janeiro once and Madrid twice. These experiences taught me that there are many places I can call home because a piece of me remained in each one of them.

In 2002, I decided to pursue higher education in Spain, and in 2005 I became a dual Spanish-U.S. citizen. I feel incredibly fortunate to be living the second phase of my study abroad adventure – accompanying students like you on your journey of finding homes away from home.

I use she/her/ella pronouns.

Ph.D. Modern languages – Universidad de Alcalá, Spain
Máster. Intercultural education – in progress – UNED, Spain
Máster. Teaching English as a foreign language – Universidad de Alcalá, Spain
Máster. Spanish language and culture – Universidad de Alcalá, Spain
M.A. Spanish – University of Florida
B.A. Spanish – University of Central Florida

Raquel Perea Arenas

Raquel Perea Arenas

Coordinator, housing
Office Number: 913.199.942 (Ext 210)

I’m the housing coordinator for the Syracuse Madrid program, where I’ve been working for over fifteen years. My goal is to provide quality housing for the program’s students. While I’m originally from Madrid, I understand the study abroad student experience because I studied and lived with a host family in Ireland. Furthermore, when I was younger, my mother hosted Syracuse Madrid students. This background gives me a unique perspective into the host-family housing experience.

I use she/her/ella pronouns.

Diplomatura. Tourism management – Centro Español de Nuevas Profesiones, Spain

Victoria Pradilla

Assistant, communications
Office Number: 917.024.005

I’ve been living in Madrid since 2003 when I first moved from my hometown in the north of Spain to study. As a result, I completely empathize with what our students experience during their time abroad.
I love to play sports, and I strive to get better every day. Currently, I run with a local team and participate in many races throughout the country. I try to convey to students that in Madrid there’s time for everything: studying, playing sports, and having fun.
I use she/her/ella pronouns.
Máster. Graphic and web page design – Escuela de Diseño Trazos, Spain
Licenciatura. Advertising, public relations – Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain
Licenciatura. Fine arts – Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain

Rebecca Richey

Graduate student intern, Student Life

I am from Miami Springs, Florida, and I’m working with Syracuse Madrid this fall to complete the final component of my master’s degree in International Education Management from Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California. I have a bachelor’s degree from University of Florida (UF) in International Studies. During my time at UF, I was lucky enough to study abroad twice, one semester in London where I interned with St Bride Foundation, and a summer in Valencia where I lived with a host family. This summer I interned with Performing Arts Abroad, a study abroad company that offers diverse programs in dance, theatre, music, and film. I entered the international education field because I am interested in providing immersive and engaging education abroad programs tailored to the personal and professional goals of students. I believe it in imperative that US students interact with and learn from people and places outside of their own culture in order to move towards a more empathetic and informed society.
I use her/she/ella pronouns.
M.A. – International education management – Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (graduation December, 2017)
B.A. – International studies – University of Florida

Ángela Roquero

Coordinator, health and safety (Interim)
Office Number: 913.199.942 (Ext 2215)

I was born in Madrid, studied in the British Council School since I was 5 years old, and grew up with a British education. I earned a degree in Law in Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, and one of the best years of my life was the year I spent studying abroad at the Universiteit Van Amsterdam. After graduating, I earned a masters degree in European Union law at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid. My professional life has developed in law firms and advertising agencies; however I finally decided to make a career change by focusing my international experience in the academic department of Syracuse Madrid. I love to work in this area, because I can bring together all my international, professional, and personal experience to students. Therefore, if you need any advice concerning academic issues I will be very happy to assist you.

I use she/her/ella pronouns.

Máster. Law of the European Union – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain
Licenciatura. Law – Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain.

Susana Sacristán Fouz

Susana Sacristán Fouz

Coordinator, student services & activities
Office Number: 913.199.942 (Ext 206)

I was born and raised in Madrid and earned my degree in modern languages at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Afterwards, I moved to Scotland where I worked as a Spanish language assistant. After returning to Spain, I joined Syracuse Madrid where I’ve been working since 1995. As the student services and activities coordinator, my job is to help you explore and experience Madrid to the fullest.

I use she/her/ella pronouns.

Licenciatura. English philology – Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain


Elena González Martínez

Director, Business and Administration 
Office Number: 913.199.942 (Ext 208)

I was born and raised in Madrid. I earned a degree in contemporary history from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. However, from the start, my professional career went towards the world of business and management in national and multinational companies, so I decided to pursue a graduate degree in finance, marketing, and sales management.

I’ve been working for Syracuse Madrid since 1995 and have grown both professionally and personally with the program. Here, I manage the financial and material resources of the program to ensure that they’re used in the most effective manner for both students and personnel. The world of international education has allowed me to add a humanistic element to my training in and my vocation for numbers as well as for people.

I use she/her/ella pronouns.

Máster. Marketing and sales management – E.S.I.C. (School of Business & Marketing), Spain
Licenciatura. Contemporary history – Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

José Luis Ballesteros

Assistant, Business and Administration 
Office Number: 913.199.942 (Ext 211)

I was born and raised in Getafe, a small city close to Madrid, and I earned my degree in political science at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and a graduate degree in fundamental rights at the Universidad Carlos III. Afterwards, I moved to England where I lived for more than two years, which afforded me the perspective of living abroad.

My professional life has developed in in finance and accounting departments in different companies. I joined SU Madrid in 2012 where I’ve enjoyed the great experience of working with students.

I use he/his/él pronouns.

Máster. Fundamental rights – Universitdad Carlos III, Spain
Licenciatura. Political science – Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain



Spanish degrees

Máster – One to two-year postgraduate degree.
Licenciatura – Five-year undergraduate degree.
Diplomatura – Three-year undergraduate degree.