Summer Session

The Syracuse Madrid summer session gives you the opportunity to take some of our most popular courses and includes an optional field trip to visit some of the most interesting places in Spain.

We also want to give you the chance to learn about Spanish culture and traditions, and we have developed a very extensive extracurricular activities calendar, which includes visits to cooking courses, ceramic painting, hiking, soccer, and basketball, etc.

Create your own program by choosing from an array of courses, including Spanish, writing, LGBT studies, and psychology. Travel to Andalucia, visit Madrid’s art museums, and attend the theater and concerts. Or experience the Spanish workplace by doing an internship in local businesses.

During the session, you will live with either a host family or at a residence hall and experience authentic daily life in Madrid. You’ll also participate in extracurricular activities, such as a visit to a cooking course, a bullfight, or a hiking excursion, and you’ll get to know locals.